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Madagascar Sharks

This site will focus on sharks in the waters around Madagascar when it launches later this year. For now you can take a look at web resources for various shark species found around the world:

Resouces from government sites on selected shark species :

Pelagic thresher - Alopias pelagicus (Family ALOPIIDAE - Thresher Sharks)
Bigeye thresher - Alopias superciliosus (Family ALOPIIDAE - Thresher Sharks)
Thresher shark - Alopias vulpinus (Family ALOPIIDAE - Thresher Sharks)
Blind shark - Brachaelurus waddi (Family BRACHAELURIDAE - Blind sharks)
Bluegrey carpetshark - Heteroscyllium colcloughi (Family BRACHAELURIDAE - Blind sharks)
Blacknose shark - Carcharhinus acronotus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Silvertip shark - Carcharhinus albimarginatus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Bignose shark - Carcharhinus altimus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Graceful shark - Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Grey reef shark - Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Pigeye or Java shark - Carcharhinus amboinensis (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Borneo shark - Carcharhinus borneensis (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Copper shark or bronze whaler - Carcharhinus brachyurus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Spinner shark - Carcharhinus brevipinna (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Nervous shark - Carcharhinus cautus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Whitecheek shark - Carcharhinus dussumieri (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Silky shark - Carcharhinus falciformis (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Creek whaler - Carcharhinus fitzroyensis (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Galapagos shark - Carcharhinus galapagenisis (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Pondicherry shark - Carcharhinus hemiodon (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Finetooth shark - Carcharhinus isodon (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Bull or Zambezi shark - Carcharhinus leucas (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Blacktip shark - Carcharhinus limbatus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Oceanic whitetip shark - Carcharhinus longimanus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Hardnose shark - Carcharhinus macloti (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Blacktip reef shark - Carcharhinus melanopterus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Dusky shark - Carcharhinus obscurus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Caribbean reef shark - Carcharhinus perezi (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Sandbar shark - Carcharhinus plumbeus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Smalltail shark - Carcharhinus porosus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Blackspot shark - Carcharhinus sealei (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Night shark - Carcharhinus signatus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Spottail shark - Carcharhinus sorrah (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Blacktail reef shark - Carcharhinus wheeleri (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Tiger shark - Galeocerdo cuvier (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Ganges shark - Glyphis gangeticus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Speartooth shark - Glyphis glyphis (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Daggernose shark - Isogomphodon oxyrhynchus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Broadfin shark - Lamiopsis temmincki (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Sliteye shark - Loxodon macrorhinus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Whitenose shark - Nasolamia velox (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Sharptooth lemon shark - Negraprion acutidens (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Lemon shark - Negraprion brevirostris (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Blue shark - Prionace glauca (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Milk shark - Rhizoprionodon acutus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Brazilian sharpnose shark - Rhizoprionodon lalandei (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Pacific sharpnose shark - Rhizoprionodon longurio (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Grey sharpnose shark - Rhizoprionodon oligolinx (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Carribean sharpnose shark - Rhizopriondon porosus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Australian sharpnose shark - Rhizopriondon taylori (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Atlantic sharpnose shark - Rhizopriondon terraenovae (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Spadenose shark - Scoliodon laticaudus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Whitetip reef shark - Triaenodon obesus (Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Requiem sharks)
Basking shark - Cetorhinus maximus (Family CETORHINIDAE - Basking Sharks)
Frilled shark - Chlamydoselachus anguineus (Family CHLAMYDOSELA - Frilled Sharks)
Bramble shark - Echinorhinus brucus (Family ECHINORHINIDAE - Bramble Sharks)
Prickly shark - Echinorhinus cookei (Family ECHINORHINIDAE - Bramble Sharks)
Shorttail nurse shark - Ginglymostoma brevicaudatum (Family GINGLYMOSTOMATIDAE - Nurse Sharks)
Nurse shark - Ginglymostoma cirratum (Family GINGLYMOSTOMATIDAE - Nurse Sharks)
Tawny nurse shark or giant sleepy shark - Nebrius ferrugineus (Family GINGLYMOSTOMATIDAE - Nurse Sharks)
Hooktooth shark - Chaenogaleus macrostoma (Family HEMIGALEIDAE - Weasel sharks)
Sicklefin weasel shark - Hemigaleus microstoma (Family HEMIGALEIDAE - Weasel sharks)
Snaggletooth shark - Hemipristis elongatus (Family HEMIGALEIDAE - Weasel sharks)
Whitetip weasel shark - Paragaleus leucolomatus (Family HEMIGALEIDAE - Weasel sharks)
Atlantic weasel shark - Paragaleus pectoralis (Family HEMIGALEIDAE - Weasel sharks)
Straighttooth weasel shark - Paragaleus tengi (Family HEMIGALEIDAE - Weasel sharks)
Arabian carpetshark - Chiloscyllium arabicum (Family HEMISCYLLIIDAE - Longtailed Carpetshark)
Burmese bambooshark - Chiloscyllium burmensis (Family HEMISCYLLIIDAE - Longtailed Carpetshark)
Bluespotted bambooshark - Chiloscyllium caerulopunctatum (Family HEMISCYLLIIDAE - Longtailed Carpetshark)
Grey bambooshark - Chiloscyllium griseum (Family HEMISCYLLIIDAE - Longtailed Carpetshark)
Indonesian bambooshark - Chiloscyllium hasselti (Family HEMISCYLLIIDAE - Longtailed Carpetshark)
Slender bambooshark - Chiloscyllium indicum (Family HEMISCYLLIIDAE - Longtailed Carpetshark)
Whitespotted bambooshark - Chiloscyllium plagiosum (Family HEMISCYLLIIDAE - Longtailed Carpetshark)
Brownbanded bambooshark - Chiloscyllium punctatum (Family HEMISCYLLIIDAE - Longtailed Carpetshark)
Indonesian speckled carpetshark - Hemiscyllium freycineti (Family HEMISCYLLIIDAE - Longtailed Carpetshark)
Papuan epaulette shark - Hemiscyllium hallstromi (Family HEMISCYLLIIDAE - Longtailed Carpetshark)
Epaulette shark - Hemiscyllium ocellatum (Family HEMISCYLLIIDAE - Longtailed Carpetshark)
Hooded carpetshark - Hemiscyllium strahani (Family HEMISCYLLIIDAE - Longtailed Carpetshark)
Speckled carpetshark - Hemiscyllium trispeculare (Family HEMISCYLLIIDAE - Longtailed Carpetshark)
Horn shark - Heterodontus francisci (Family HETERODONTIDAE - Bullhead sharks)
Crested bullhead shark - Heterodontus galeatus (Family HETERODONTIDAE - Bullhead sharks)
Japanese bullhead shark - Heterodontus japonicus (Family HETERODONTIDAE - Bullhead sharks)
Mexican hornshark - Heterodontus mexicanus (Family HETERODONTIDAE - Bullhead sharks)
Port Jackson shark - Heterodontus portusjacksonj (Family HETERODONTIDAE - Bullhead sharks)
Galapagos bullhead shark - Heterodontus quoyi (Family HETERODONTIDAE - Bullhead sharks)
Whitespotted bullhead shark - Heterodontus ramalheira (Family HETERODONTIDAE - Bullhead sharks)
Zebra bullhead shark - Heterodontus zebra (Family HETERODONTIDAE - Bullhead sharks)
Sharpnose sevengill shark - Heptranchias perlo (Family HEXANCHIDAE - Sixgill and Sevengill Sharks)
Bluntnose sixgill shark - Hexanchus griseus (Family HEXANCHIDAE - Sixgill and Sevengill Sharks)
Bigeye sixgill shark - Hexanchus vitulus (Family HEXANCHIDAE - Sixgill and Sevengill Sharks)
Broadnose or spotted sevengill shark - Notorynchus cepedianus (Family HEXANCHIDAE - Sixgill and Sevengill Sharks)
Great white shark - Carcharodon carcharias (Family LAMNIDAE - Mackerel Sharks)
Shortfin mako - Isurus oxyrinchus (Family LAMNIDAE - Mackerel Sharks)
Longfin mako - Isurus paucus (Family LAMNIDAE - Mackerel Sharks)
Salmon shark - Lamna ditropis (Family LAMNIDAE - Mackerel Sharks)
Probeagle shark - Lamna nasus (Family LAMNIDAE - Mackerel Sharks)
Barbeled houndshark - Leptocharias smithii (Family LEPTOCHARIIDAE - Barbeled Houndshark)
Megamouth Shark - Megachasma pelagios (Family MEGACHASMIDAE - Megamouth Sharks)
Goblin shark - Mitsukurina owstoni (Family MITSUKURINIDAE - Goblin Sharks)
Sand tiger, spotted raggedtooth, or grey nurse shark - Carcharias taurus (Family ODONTASPIDIDAE - Sand Tiger Sharks)
Indian sand tiger - Eugomphodus tricuspidatus (Family ODONTASPIDIDAE - Sand Tiger Sharks)
Smalltooth sand tiger or bumpytail raggedtooth - Odontaspis ferox (Family ODONTASPIDIDAE - Sand Tiger Sharks)
Bigeye sand tiger - Odontaspis noronhai (Family ODONTASPIDIDAE - Sand Tiger Sharks)
Tasselled wobbegong - Eucrossorhinus dasypogon (Family ORECTOLOBIDAE - Wobbegongs)
Japanese wobbegong - Orectolobus japonicus (Family ORECTOLOBIDAE - Wobbegongs)
Spotted wobbegong - Orectolobus maculatus (Family ORECTOLOBIDAE - Wobbegongs)
Ornate wobbegong - Orectolobus ornatus (Family ORECTOLOBIDAE - Wobbegongs)
Northern wobbegong - Orectolobus wardi (Family ORECTOLOBIDAE - Wobbegongs)
Cobbler wobbegong - Sutorectus tentaculatus (Family ORECTOLOBIDAE - Wobbegongs)
Prickly dogfish - Oxynotus bruniensis (Family OXYNOTIDAE - Roughsharks)
Carribean roughshark - Oxynotus carribaeus (Family OXYNOTIDAE - Roughsharks)
Angular roughshark - Oxynotus centrina (Family OXYNOTIDAE - Roughsharks)
Japanese roughshark - Oxynotus japonicus (Family OXYNOTIDAE - Roughsharks)
Sailfin roughshark - Oxynotus paradoxus (Family OXYNOTIDAE - Roughsharks)
Barbelthroat carpetshark - Cirrhoscyllium expolitum (Family PARASCYLLIIDAE - Collared Carpetsharks)
Taiwan saddled carpetshark - Cirrhoscyllium formosanum (Family PARASCYLLIIDAE - Collared Carpetsharks)
Saddled carpetshark - Cirrhoscyllium japonicum (Family PARASCYLLIIDAE - Collared Carpetsharks)
Rusty carpetshark - Parascyllium ferrugineum (Family PARASCYLLIIDAE - Collared Carpetsharks)
Tasmanian carpetshark - Parascyllium multimaculatum (Family PARASCYLLIIDAE - Collared Carpetsharks)
Necklace carpetshark or Varied carpetshark - Parascyllium variolatum (Family PARASCYLLIIDAE - Collared Carpetsharks)
Sixgill sawshark - Pliotrema warreni (Family PRISTIOPHORIDAE - Sawsharks)
Longnose sawshark - Pristiophorus cirratus (Family PRISTIOPHORIDAE - Sawsharks)
Japanese sawshark - Pristiophorus japonicus (Family PRISTIOPHORIDAE - Sawsharks)
Shortnose sawshark - Pristiophorus nudipinnis (Family PRISTIOPHORIDAE - Sawsharks)
Bahamas sawshark - Pristiophorus schroederi (Family PRISTIOPHORIDAE - Sawsharks)
Harlequin catshark - Ctenacis fehlmanni (Family PROSCYLLIIDAE - Finback Catsharks)
Cuban ribbontail catshark - Eridacnis barbouri (Family PROSCYLLIIDAE - Finback Catsharks)
Pygmy ribbontail catshark - Eridacnis radcliffei (Family PROSCYLLIIDAE - Finback Catsharks)
African ribbontail catshark - Eridacnis sinuans (Family PROSCYLLIIDAE - Finback Catsharks)
Slender smoothhound - Gollum attentuatus (Family PROSCYLLIIDAE - Finback Catsharks)
Graceful catshark - Proscyllium habereri (Family PROSCYLLIIDAE - Finback Catsharks)
Crocodile shark - Pseudocarcharias kamoharai (Family PSEUDOCARCHARIIDAE - Crocodile Sharks)
False catshark - Pseudotriakis microdon (Family PSEUDOTRIAKIDAE - False Catsharks)
Whale shark - Rhincodon typus (Family RHINCODONTIDAE - Whale Sharks)
Atlantic ghost catshark - Apristurus atlanticus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Brown catshark - Apristurus brunneus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Hoary catshark - Apristurus canutus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Federov's catshark - Apristurus federovi (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Longfin catshark - Apristurus herklotsi (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Smallbelly catshark - Apristurus indicus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Broadnose catshark - Apristurus investigatoris (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Japanese catshark - Apristurus japonicus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Longnose catshark - Apristurus kampae (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Iceland catshark - Apristurus laurussoni (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Longhead catshark - Apristurus longicephalus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Flathead catshark - Apristurus macrorhynchus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Madeira catshark - Apristurus maderensis (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Ghost catshark - Apristurus manis (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Smalleye catshark - Apristurus microps (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Largenose catshark - Apristurus nasutus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Smallfin catshark - Apristurus parvipinnis (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Fat catshark - Apristurus pinguis (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Spatulasnout catshark - Apristurus platyrhynchus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Deepwater catshark - Apristurus profundorum (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Broadgill catshark - Apristurus riveri (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Saldanha catshark - Apristurus saldanha (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Pale catshark - Apristurus sibogae (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
South China catshark - Apristurus sinensis (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Spongehead catshark - Apristurus spongiceps (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Panama ghost catshark - Apristurus stenseni (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Borneo catshark - Apristurus verweyi (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Australian spotted catshark - Asymbolus analis (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Gulf catshark - Asymbolus vincenti (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Australian marbled catshark - Atelomycterus macleayi (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Coral catshark - Atelomycterus marmoratus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Blackspotted catshark - Aulohalaelurus labiosus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Reticulated swellshark - Cephaloscyllium fasciatum (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Draughtsboard shark - Cephaloscyllium isabellum (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Australian swellshark - Cephaloscyllium laticeps (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Whitefinned swellshark - Cephaloscyllium nascione (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Indian swellshark - Cephaloscyllium silasi (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Balloon shark - Cephaloscyllium sufflans (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Swellshark - Cephaloscyllium ventriosum (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Lollipop catshark - Cephalurus cephalus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Roughtail catshark - Galeus arae (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Australian sawtail catshark - Galeus boardmani (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Gecko catshark - Galeus eastmani (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Blackmouth catshark - Galeus melastomus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Mouse catshark - Galeus murinus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Broadfin sawtail catshark - Galeus nipponensis (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Peppered catshark - Galeus piperatus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
African sawtail catshark - Galeus polli (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Blacktip sawtail catshark - Galeus sauteri (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Dwarf sawtail catshark - Galeus schultzi (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Arabian catshark - Halaelurus alcocki (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Speckled catshark - Halaelurus boesemani (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Blackspotted catshark - Halaelurus buergeri (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Dusky catshark - Halaelurus canescens (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
New Zealand catshark - Halaelurus dawsoni (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Bristly catshark - Halaelurus hispidus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Spotless catshark - Halaelurus immaculatus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Lined catshark - Halaelurus lineatus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Mud catshark - Halaelurus lutarius (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Tiger catshark - Halaelurus natalensis (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Quagga catshark - Halaelurus quagga (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Puffadder shyshark - Haploblepharus edwardsii (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Brown shyshark - Haploblepharus fuscus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Dark shyshark - Haploblepharus pictus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
African spotted catshark - Holohalaelurus punctatus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Izak catshark - Holohalaelurus regani (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Campeche catshark - Parmaturus campechiensis (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
New Zealand filetail - Parmaturus macmillani (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Blackgill catshark - Parmaturus melanobranchius (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Salamander shark - Parmaturus pilosus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Filetail catshark - Parmaturus xaniurus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Onefin catshark - Pentanchus profundicolus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Striped catshark or pyjama shark - Poroderma africanum (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Barbeled catshark - Poroderma marleyi (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Leopard catshark - Poroderma patherinum (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Narrowmouth catshark - Schroederichthys bivius (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Redspotted catshark - Schroederichthys chilensis (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Narrowtail catshark - Schroederichthys maculatus (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Slender catshark - Schroederichthys tenuis (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Polkadot catshark - Scyliorhinus besnardi (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Boa catshark - Scyliorhinus boa (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Smallspotted catshark - Scyliorhinus canicula (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Yellowspotted catshark - Scyliorhinus capensis (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
West African catshark - Scyliorhinus cervigoni (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Brownspotted catshark - Scyliorhinus garmani (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Freckled catshark - Scyliorhinus haeckelii (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Whitesaddled catshark - Scyliorhinus hesperius (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Blotched catshark - Scyliorhinus meadi (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Chain catshark - Scyliorhinus retifer (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Nursehound - Scyliorhinus stellaris (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Cloudy catshark - Scyliorhinus torazame (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Dwarf catshark - Scyliorhinus torrei (Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Catsharks)
Winghead shark - Eusphyra blochii (Family SPHYRNIDAE - Hammerhead sharks)
Mallethead shark - Sphyrna corona (Family SPHYRNIDAE - Hammerhead sharks)
Whitefin hammerhead - Sphyrna couardi (Family SPHYRNIDAE - Hammerhead sharks)
Scalloped hammerhead - Sphyrna lewini (Family SPHYRNIDAE - Hammerhead sharks)
Scoophead shark - Sphyrna media (Family SPHYRNIDAE - Hammerhead sharks)
Great hammerhead - Sphyrna mokarran (Family SPHYRNIDAE - Hammerhead sharks)
Bonnethead shark - Sphyrna tiburo (Family SPHYRNIDAE - Hammerhead sharks)
Smalleye hammerhead - Sphyrna tudes (Family SPHYRNIDAE - Hammerhead sharks)
Smooth hammerhead - Sphyrna zygaena (Family SPHYRNIDAE - Hammerhead sharks)
Hooktooth dogfish - Aculeola nigra (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Needle dogfish - Centrophorus acus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Gulper shark - Centrophorus granulosus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Dumb gulper shark - Centrophorus harrissoni (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Lowfin gulper shark - Centrophorus lusitanicus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Smallfin gulper shark - Centrophorus moluccensis (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Taiwan gulper shark - Centrophorus niaukang (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Leafscale gulper shark - Centrophorus squamosus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Mosaic gulper shark - Centrophorus tesselatus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Little gulper shark - Centrophorus uyato (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Black dogfish - Centroscyllium fabricii (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Granular dogfish - Centroscyllium granulatum (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Bareskin dogfish - Centroscyllium kamoharai (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Combtooth dogfish - Centroscyllium nigrum (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Ornate dogfish - Centroscyllium ornatum (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Whitefin dogfish - Centroscyllium ritteri (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Portuguese dogfish - Centroscymnus coelolepis (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Longnose velvet dogfish - Centroscymnus crepidater (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Shortnose velvet dogfish - Centroscymnus cryptacanthus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Largespine velvet dogfish - Centroscymnus macracanthus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Roughskin dogfish - Centroscymnus owstoni (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Plunket shark - Centroscymnus plunketi (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Mandarin dogfish - Cirrhigaleus barbifer (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Kitefin shark - Dalatias licha (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Birdbeak dogfish - Deania calcea (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Rough longnose dogfish - Deania hystricosum (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Arrowhead dogfish - Deania profundorum (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Longsnout dogfish - Deania quadrispinosum (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
New Zealand lanternshark - Etmopterus baxteri (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Shorttail lanternshark - Etmopterus brachyurus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Lined lanternshark - Etmopterus bullisi (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Cylindrical lanternshark - Etmopterus carteri (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Combtooth lanternshark - Etmopterus decacuspidatus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Broadband lanternshark - Etmopterus gracilispinis (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Southern lanternshark - Etmopterus granulosus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Carribean lanternshark - Etmopterus hillianus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Blackbelly lanternshark - Etmopterus lucifer (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Dwarf lanternshark - Etmopterus perryi (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
African lanternshark - Etmopterus polli (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Great lanternshark - Etmopterus princeps (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Smooth lanternshark - Etmopterus pusillus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Fringefin lanternshark - Etmopterus schultzi (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Thorny lanternshark - Etmopterus sentosus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Velvet belly - Etmopterus spinax (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Brown lanternshark - Etmopterus unicolor (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Hawaiian lanternshark - Etmopterus villosus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Green lanternshark - Etmopterus virens (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Taillight shark - Euprotomicroides zantedeschia (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Pygmy shark - Europtomicrus bispinatus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Longnose pygmy shark - Heteroscymnoides marleyi (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Cookiecutter or cigar shark - Isistius brasiliensis (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Largetooth cookiecutter shark - Isistius plutodus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Softskin dogfish - Mollisquama parini (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Sherwood dogfish - Scymnodalatias sherwoodi (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Japanese velvet dogfish - Scymnodon ichiharai (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Knifetooth dogfish - Scymnodon ringens (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Greenland sleeper shark - Scymnodon squamulosus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Pacific sleeper shark - Somniosus pacificus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Little sleeper shark - Somniosus rostratus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Spined pygmy shark - Squaliolus laticaudus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Piked dogfish - Squalus acanthias (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Roughskin spurdog - Squalus asper (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Longnose spurdog - Squalus blainvillei (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Cuban dogfish - Squalus cubensis (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Japanese spurdog - Squalus japonicus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Shortnose spurdog - Squalus magalops (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Blacktail spurdog - Squalus melanurus (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Shortspine spurdog - Squalus mitsukurii (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Cyrano spurdog - Squalus rancureli (Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks)
Sawback angelshark - Squatina aculeata (Family SQUATINIDAE - Angelsharks)
African angelshark - Squatina africana (Family SQUATINIDAE - Angelsharks)
Argentine angelshark - Squatina argentina (Family SQUATINIDAE - Angelsharks)
Australian angelshark - Squatina australis (Family SQUATINIDAE - Angelsharks)
Pacific angelshark - Squatina californica (Family SQUATINIDAE - Angelsharks)
Sand devil - Squatina dumeril (Family SQUATINIDAE - Angelsharks)
Taiwan angelshark - Squatina formosa (Family SQUATINIDAE - Angelsharks)
Japanese angelshark - Squatina japonica (Family SQUATINIDAE - Angelsharks)
Clouded angelshark - Squatina nebulosa (Family SQUATINIDAE - Angelsharks)
Smoothback angelshark - Squatina oculata (Family SQUATINIDAE - Angelsharks)
Angelshark - Squatina squatina (Family SQUATINIDAE - Angelsharks)
Ornate angelshark - Squatina tergocellata (Family SQUATINIDAE - Angelsharks)
Ocellated angelshark - Squatina tergocellatoides (Family SQUATINIDAE - Angelsharks)
Zebra shark - Stegostoma fasciatum (Family STEGOSTOMATIDAE - Zebra Sharks)
Whiskery shark - Furgaleus macki (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Tope shark - Galeorhinus galeus (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Sailback houndshark - Gogolia filewoodi (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Japanese topeshark - Hemitriakis japanica (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Whitefin topeshark - Hemitriakis leucoperiptera (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Blacktip topeshark - Hypogaleus hyugaensis (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Longnose houndshark - Iago garricki (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Bigeye houndshark - Iago omanensis (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Gummy shark - Mustelus antarcticus (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Starry smoothhound - Mustelus asterias (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Grey smoothhound - Mustelus californicus (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Dusky smoothhound - Mustelus canis (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Sharpnose smoothhound - Mustelus dorsalis (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Striped smoothhound - Mustelus fasciatus (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Spotless smoothhound - Mustelus griseus (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Brown smoothhound - Mustelus henlei (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Smalleye smoothhound - Mustelus higmani (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Spotted estuary smoothhound or rig - Mustelus lenticulatus (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Sicklefin smoothhound - Mustelus lunulatus (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Starspotted smoothhound - Mustelus manazo (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Speckled smoothhound - Mustelus mento (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Arabian, hardnose, or Moses smoothhound - Mustelus mosis (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Smoothhound - Mustelus mustelus (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Narrowfin or Florida smoothhound - Mustelus norrisi (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Whitespot smoothhound - Mustelus palumbes (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Blackspot smoothhound - Mustelus punctulatus (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Narrownose smoothhound - Mustelus schmitti (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Humpback smoothhound - Mustelus whitneyi (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Flapnose houndshark - Scylliogaleus quecketti (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Sharpfin houndshark - Triakis acutipinna (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Spotted houndshark - Triakis maculata (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Sharptooth houndshark or spotted gully shark - Triakis megalopterus (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Banded houndshark - Triakis scyllium (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)
Leopard shark - Triakis semifasciata (Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks)

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