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Gummy shark - Mustelus antarcticus

Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks

Resouces from government sites on Mustelus antarcticus :

ADW: Triakidae: Classification
Species Mustelus antarcticus (gummy shark). Species Mustelus asterias (starry

ADW: Triakidae: Classification
...houndshark). Subfamily Triakinae. Genus Mustelus. Species Mustelus antarcticus

Subclass Order Family Genus species Common name Full Finished # of ...
Whitefin topeshark Hypogaleus hyugaensis Blacktip topeshark Iago garricki Longnose

André Punt—Publications
1999. Estimation of instantaneous rates of tag shedding for school shark, Galeorhinus

SHARK-L archives -- May 2000 (#14)
Sharks are boring. Larry Paul <[email protected]> wrote: Marc wrote: > Hi All,

SHARK-L archives -- May 2000 (#4)
Marc wrote: > Hi All, Does anyone know how the Gummy Shark (*Mustelus > antarcticus*)

Academic web resources on Mustelus antarcticus :

Myoglobins of cartilaginous fishes. II. Isolation and amino acid ...
Myoglobins of cartilaginous fishes. II. Isolation and amino acid sequence of myoglobin

Analysis of Calliobothrium (Tetraphyllidea:Onchobothriidae) with ...
...led to the discovery of 3 new species: Calliobothrium hayhowi n. sp. from Mustelus

ITIS 'Publication' Search results for Compagno, Leonard JV
...hounds. Mustelus abbotti Evermann and Radcliffe, 1917 -- invalid. Mustelus

ITIS Standard Report Page: Mustelus antarcticus
Go to Print Version, Mustelus antarcticus Günther, 1870 Taxonomic Serial No.: 160249.

LC Subject Headings Weekly List 29 (July 16, 2003)
150 Gummy shark [May Subd Geog] [sp2003007675] 053 QL638.T75 (Zoology) 450 UF Emissola

Access January 1997 Acquisitions
Sources of variation in counts of growth increments in vertebrae from gummy shark,

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