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Sicklefin smoothhound - Mustelus lunulatus

Family TRIAKIDAE - Houndsharks

Resouces from government sites on Mustelus lunulatus :

ADW: Mustelus lunulatus: Classification
Mustelus lunulatus (sicklefin smoothhound). Classification. ... Parent taxa. Genus

ADW: Triakidae: Classification
...smooth-hound). Species Mustelus lenticulatus (spotted estuary smooth-hound).

Class Myxini
Mustelus californicus Gill [s]. Mustelus dorsalis Gill [s]. Mustelus lunulatus Jordan

PSRC - Eastern North Pacific Sharks
...shark Mustelus californicus (Gill, 1864) — Gray smoothhound shark Mustelus henlei

The Fish List
Surf zone to 335 m (1,104 ft). (Eschmeyer et al. 1983, RACE). Mustelus lunulatus

SHARK-L archives -- January 2002 (#81)
Carcharhiniformes Triakidae Mustelus Mustelus lenticulatus Spotted estuary

TNS Browser
Cazón =>Mustelus higmani Springer & Lowe, 1963, Pisces (Fish), Cazón

TNS Browser
Fish), Tollo =>Mustelus dorsalis Gill, 1864, Pisces (Fish), Tollo =>Mustelus lunulatus

Academic web resources on Mustelus lunulatus :

Mutagencity and antimutagencity studies of lipidic extracts from ...
...and antimutagencity studies of lipidic extracts from yellowtail fish (Seriola lalandi),

Analysis of Calliobothrium (Tetraphyllidea:Onchobothriidae) with ...
Ocean. New collections of C. evani from the Sea of Cortez established Mustelus

ITIS Standard Report Page: Mustelus lunulatus
Mustelus lunulatus Jordan and Gilbert, 1882 Taxonomic Serial No.: 160239. ... Species,

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