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Sand devil - Squatina dumeril

Family SQUATINIDAE - Angelsharks

Resouces from government sites on Squatina dumeril :

Description Atlantic Angel Shark - Squatina dumeril
A biological profile on the Atlantic Angel Shark, Squatina dumeril. ... Taxonomy Lesueur

Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department
Atlantic Angelshark (Squatina dumeril). ... Atlantic angelshark (Squatina

MBL :: Marine Organisms:: Image Database at MBL
Squatina ..... Squatina dumeril Sand devil ..... Torpediniformes

ADW: Squatinidae: Classification
Species Squatina dumeril (Atlantic angel shark or sand devil). Species Squatina

Main Index
Squatina dumeril; Squatty ambersnail; Squaw root; Squid hound; Squirrel; Squirrel

Angel shark
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SHARK-L archives -- January 2002 (#81)
...angelshark Squatiniformes Squatinidae Squatina Squatina californica Pacific angelshark

Academic web resources on Squatina dumeril :

ITIS Standard Report Page: Squatina dumeril
Squatina dumeril Lesueur, 1818 Taxonomic Serial No.: 160787. ... Species, Squatina dumeril

ITIS Standard Report Page: Squatina
Species, Squatina californica Ayres, 1859 -- Pacific angel shark, Species, Squatina

Maryland Geological Survey: Miocene Sharks Teeth of Calvert County
3a). Class PISCES. Subclass ELASMOBRANCHII. Order SELACHII. Suborder

TM 171 Table 1
0.1211, 0.9811. Atlantic angel shark Squatina dumeril, Autumn, Combined, 17,

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