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False catshark - Pseudotriakis microdon

Family PSEUDOTRIAKIDAE - False Catsharks

Resouces from government sites on Pseudotriakis microdon :

ADW: Pseudotriakis microdon: Classification
Pseudotriakis microdon (false cat shark). ... Parent taxa. pictures. Genus Pseudotriakis.

ADW: Carcharhiniformes: Pictures
...africanum. blue shark Prionace glauca, false cat shark Pseudotriakis microdon,

Dulvey, NK, and JD Reynolds. 1997.
Oophagy evolved twice. Once in catsharks (Gollum attenuatus and Pseudotriakis

Subclass Order Family Genus species Common name Full Finished # of ...
...catshark Gollum attentuatus Slender smoothhound Proscyllium habereri Graceful catshark

SHARK-L archives -- November 2000 (#179)
36, 1979: 196-198 (for Chlamydoselachus anguineus, Somniosus microcephalus, Apristurus

Academic web resources on Pseudotriakis microdon :

ITIS Standard Report Page: Pseudotriakis microdon
Pseudotriakis microdon Brito Capello, 1868 Taxonomic Serial No.: 160116. ... Species,

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