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Southern lanternshark - Etmopterus granulosus

Family SQUALIDAE - Dogfish sharks

Resouces from government sites on Etmopterus granulosus :

Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department
Institute, Shimonoseki Branch, Higashiyamato-machi, Shimonoseki 750, JAPAN Aspects

Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department
Centroscyllium nigrum, -, -, 0.60. Centroscymnus crepidater, -, <0.01, 0.26. Deania

Holland Lab Publications
Biol. Fish. 47(2):203-212. Wetherbee, BM 1996. Distribution and reproduction of

SHARK-L archives -- January 2002 (#81)
Squalidae Etmopterus Etmopterus gracilispinis Broadbanded lanternshark Squaliformes

SHARK-L archives -- May 2001 (#87)
...for the Conservation of Antarctic Living Resources) (Very brief notes on the skates

Academic web resources on Etmopterus granulosus :

ITIS 'Other Source' Search results for FAO
...dogfish, broadbanded lanternshark. Etmopterus granulosus (G√ľnther, 1880) --

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